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C4 Fab. Summit Hatch LadderC4 Fab. Summit Hatch Ladder
C4 Fab. Summit Hatch Ladder Sale priceFrom $549.00

Sherpa Equipment Company's rack ladders are made from tough, weather-resistant materials designed especially for ease of access and safe climbing. The steps and main structure are made from high-grade aluminum, and any side steps you want added to your ladder are made from stainless steel, including all hardware and mounting brackets. Additionally, our rack ladder comes with slotted holes on each side to make adding and removing accessories to your ladder easy. And with a static load rating of 250 lbs., you and your ladder's accessories will stay safe and secure. Loading and removing gear or accessing your roof tent will be easier than ever before with our 4Runner ladder.

Make accessing the gear on your rack a breeze with a hatch-mounted ladder for your vehicle. 5th Gen 4Runner hatch ladder from C4 Fabrication that works well with the Sherpa Equipment Co. Crestone Rack. Rooftop tent ladder for 5th Gen 4Runner, permanent solution. Other Toyota and off-road vehicle ladders to come.