Guide to Sherpa's Adjustable Track Mounts

Guide to Sherpa's Adjustable Track Mounts

Several of our products make use of our adjustable track mounting feet to attach to the roof tracks of the vehicle. These mounts are designed to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles and configurations. At the core of the mount there are two different bases to choose from. This selection process can be difficult and this guide will walk you through determining what mounts you need. 


There are two styles of roof tracks made available for suv's and trucks with toppers. These roof tracks either account for the curve of the surface (side to side not front to back) or follow it. You will see this in the diagram above. Knowing which tracks you are purchasing or have purchased will help in the mount selection process.  




If you still need a little help selecting the correct mounts for your cap please contact our customer service team. We ask that you send us an email with a couple photos of your tracks similar to the ones above. This will help us get you pointed in the correct direction. 

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